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Proudly manufactured by Thai Herbal Hongthai Co., Ltd.

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Thai Herbal Inhalant Hongthai Brand.

Thai Herbal Hongthai Company Limited proudly introduced a new unique solution to combact nasal congestion, stuffy nose and relief from dizziness and fatigue. A solution that came to become one of the most popular nasal inhalers around the globe.

Mr. Theerapong Ruetham

Founder & CEO

Our Uniqness

Stay Alert

Appreciated by office workers and students, helps stay focused and alert.

Breath Deep

Feel relax, get rid of dizziness, clear up sinuses and stuffy nose.

Mood Booster

Feel happy and become energized with a calming sensation.

Easy To Use

Our therapeutic inhalers are packaged in our unique wide bottleneck size, makes them easy and handy to use.

Package Of Goodness

Hongthai Brand inhalers are packaged with the natural essential oils and hers to promoto deep breathing.

Top Ranked Item

Since its start Hongthai Brand inhalers have continued to gain popularity in Asia and around the globe.

Our News


Quality Person of the Year 2018

Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand (FSTT) today (19 October 2018).


Golden Scales

Receiving the honorary award "Golden Scales" Outstanding Welfare Person of the Year 2016.


Shield at the award ceremony

Hong Thai receives a shield at the award ceremony. The golden inscription of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great. Individuals-Organizations Consumption Management Outstanding Achievement of the Year 2013


Workshop for developing OTOP products

Thai Herbal Hong Thai Co., Ltd. would like to thank the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister. who has kindly invited Mr. Thiraphong Ruetham (President of Thai Herbal Hong Thai Co., Ltd.).


Siamrath Online Awards 2023

An award that is guaranteed by the quality of Hong Thai products that are unique, cool aroma from herbs. And is a favorite among all age groups.


The 11th National Herb Expo

Thai Herbal Hong Thai Co., Ltd. participating at 4-days event of the 11th National Herb Expo held September 2014.

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